Monday, August 17, 2015

Homemade pureed pears

My husband and I just moved into our first home. To our advantage we have two big apple and pear trees in our yard. I just recently started making my son homemade baby food and it occurred to me that it would be so cool to use the fruit that is growing on our trees. Not only am I saving my family lots of money but I am making my son's food homemade. Which along with homemade means you are in charge of what does or does not add as an ingredient to their food. In this case, I am using fresh pears and water! 2 ingredients!! You can't beat it!

The resources I used are below;
1. A pot to collect the pears in
2. Cutting Board
3. Peeler
4. Strainer
5. A pot to boil the pears in
6. Stove
7. A bowl to put the pears in once boiled
8. A spoon to dip the pears into the baby bullet
9. Baby bullet
10. Tupper ware to put the finished product in because I am freezing it.
11. Lots and lots of love for my baby boy!

As you can see I just found something I had laying around to collect the pears in. I didn't count exactly but I'd say I used around 15 total. These pears are not as big as the ones you would buy from a store, so it requires more. I looked for ones without alot of spots and of course the bigger the better.

Next I brought my pears in and peeled all the skin off the pears which is very important.

Once my pears were peeled, I cut them up. This step is important because you have to be careful not to get any peel,core,or seeds. I was very frugal about these pears and took my time saving every bit of the pear that could be used. 
This was my end result. Quite a heaping bowl of pears. 

So pears are peeled and cut up, now time to wash them in the Strainer to make sure they are nice and clean. I also took this time to look over the individual pieces and make sure I didn't miss any seeds or yucky spots. 

Again, as I was putting  the pieces into my pot I made sure to check for seeds. I let the pears boil for about 20 minutes on medium, stirring every few minutes and that did the trick. You could do it on lower for longer just as you could do it on high for a shorter boil time. This temperature/ time ratio worked for me.
As soon as the pears were boiled to a softness that could be pureed in the baby bullet I strained them and used my spoon to dip them in the baby bullet. The pears come out very hot so I suggest using the spoon. 
With the amount of pears I collected I had to puree them in three different portions because I had so much. I put about 1/3 of the pears in the baby bullet at a time and mixed about 1/4 of a cup of water with them. It doesn't take much water because I found the pears were already quite juicy and filled with water. Both naturally and from being boiled in the water. I pureed them for about 20 seconds. 

My end result was so amazing to me. I made my baby food from the trees growing In our own yard. It's so rewarding to know that your child is being fed both delicious and nutritional food. I can say first hand that I see a difference in the baby foods I have made homemade and the ones that I have bought from the store. It isn't necessary for your child to eat food that has dyes in it to look pretty on the shelves. I love the raw and the realness of the fruits and vegetables that are made of that fruit/vegetable and water only... I am going to be stocking up the freezer with delicious pear and apple sauce while I still have them growing on the trees, that way during winter I can take it out and thaw it for my little guy. I think variety is important as well, so I will make him lots of other fruits and vegetables to follow. As for now, I've got 5 tupper wares filled with delicious pears for my sweet boy. 
I hope you enjoyed reading and that their are others that find happiness  
in the simple joys of life! 
P.s; don't I have the cutest little helper? ;)
Happiness Is homemadeđź’–

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  1. Your little helper is as cute as can be!!! I like your descriptions and pictures. Excellent work!!! Share more!!!